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I wanted to do a separate page to answer some common questions from parking to massage types. I'm not a Spa, just a person who loves doing massage!  I am not more than one person, I don't have multiple rooms. I am Carol, my massage is the sanctuary as well as my garden.

Hours:  Monday - Friday,  10-6pm   By appointment only. I will work earlier if necessary. Text or call to schedule. Please include your name. That's all I ask. If you need a specific time, please state that so we're not going back and forth. If I'm booked solid, I may not get back to you until late afternoon, but I will get back to you.

For New Clients:  Please park in the driveway. Your car may be towed parked in the street or bushes. I do not want to draw attention to my place either and we both need the privacy.

I do not keep records for your privacy, so no need to come early. I know you are anxious but I need that in-between time to prepare for YOU.

Here are better explanations of the different massage types if your curious. In general, I just do my thing. That is what most people want. The whole massage! All massages are therapeutic and increase blood flow. I don't do Shiatsu. Remember: All Therapists are different. We are not one size fits all.   So here goes:

Swedish is the type you see on TV. We knead and rub the muscles toward the heart for increased circulation in the tissues as well as the entire body. It's what most people want along with some Deep Tissue on their knots. Massage generally is Swedish from head to toe (not privates). If you've never done a massage, let me know. You are always covered, Always. When we massage the legs, it's only one at a time.   I always strive to do my best and use humor to put people at ease but please note: Therapists are not one size fits all. I have a sense of humor. 

Deep Tissue is really on the menu so that clients know I can be deep. You don't need to ask. My job is to get your tissue moving so whatever it takes. I don't and can't hurt people. If you have Fibro, let me know to lighten up. I may be small but I'm mighty. Again, we're not one size fit all.

Therapeutic is just working on a soft tissue injury, not the whole body. Most clients are a mix of all. Just tell me what you want. 

Medical Massage is understanding how to tailor a massage according to the disorder.

Reflexology is the belief that we can affect the whole body through spinal reflexes through the feet. It was invented by a woman Physiotherapist who did Zone Therapy (hands) under a Doctor. She believed the feet were more powerful and created a map of the bottom and top of feet. She believed toxins could fall to our feet and could interfere with different parts of the body on her map through Spinal Reflexes. There is NO reflex point that can induce pre-term labor on the feet. These types of modalities do not cause harm. No one should ever put pressure on a blood vessel. Having just your feet rubbed feels good. We have four layers of muscle on the bottoms of our feet, so you can't go wrong.

Prenatais being massaged while pregnant. It is awesome! If your nervous, don't do it. I have a special pillow that allows a woman to turn over and I can place something under your hip, if lying down is uncomfortable. I do not do side-lying massage. It hurts me so I invested in the pillow. Pregnancy is not a disease, please talk to your OB-GYN if your nervous. To repeat the above, there is no magical button on the feet that can induce pre-term labor. If there was, I would be rich and women the world over would have learned about it centuries ago. It is an Urban Myth. A guy was published in Massage Magazine back in the 90s, claiming that since below the inside ankles is the Uterus point on the Reflexology map Eunice made, maybe we shouldn't massage it? Really? Then we shouldn't massage the Heart point either and cause a heart attack? It's absurd. I heard this rumor started in 1995. ( When I was pregnant in 2006, I sat and lectured my class about this while rubbing the so-called spot for an hour straight. I just wanted to teach them to think and question things and not believe everything in Massage Magazines.) Twenty years later, I hear Nail Techs telling women they can't massage their ankles. There is no fact at all to this nor has it been published in ANY Medical Journal. Talk to your Doctor.

Address? I give that once your appointment is scheduled.

Scheduling? I'm not a store or a spa so I have to schedule by Appointment Only, MONDAY THRU FRIDAY, 10am-4.30pm. Please include your name and if you need a specific time, otherwise I offer the first available. If I don't answer the phone, text me. In fact, that is easier for me. I can see at a glance, who inquired first and take people in that order. I don't know why I don't see missed calls or voicemails very well. If you MUST HAVE A PHONE CALL, ​leave a message. I promise to answer as soon as possible. I try to check for voicemails daily.

How early should I arrive? Just on time. I don't require health histories. My experience is that people will tell me if they have health issues and there is nothing that can't be accommodated.  I schedule extra time so that clients don't run into each other. I don't have a reception area, just my room.

I do not have a waiting room. So don't come too early. I schedule plenty of time in between.

I have 10 stairs!

Parking? I have a gravel drive. Please don't park on the street. In fact, there is a sign on the corner to not park in the street on my street. There is room for 3 cars. Mine and yours and if need be another therapist. If your not doing a couples and see 2 other cars then I'm still with someone. However; people do get dropped off.

Allergies? Please let me know so I can remove any fragrance. I use unscented pure Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT) and have unscented candles also. I have allergies myself, so I respect them. I do have a dog - Cooper. Let me know if there is anything out of the ordinary that you need, I would love to help and be accommodating.

I use The Square for credit card payments.